Monday, May 23, 2005

Star Wars, See It We Did.

If you haven't seen the new episode of Star Wars this may ruin it for you...but then again, it ruins itself. After contemplating the movie for 2 hours after it was over, we think we've thought of it all. Our only problem with it can be easily resolved with the answers to a few simple questions,

Why is the Sith never mentioned in the last three movies of Star Wars?

Why do Anakin and Obi-Wan never mention their last encounter in the next three movies?

How could Leah have a memory of her mother being very beautiful but always sad, if her mother died in child birth?

Why didn't Obi-Wan put Anakin out of his misery? He left his mission incomplete.

How could Padme completely lose all her strength of character between this movie and the last?

Since when does Darth Vader cross his arms?

If Anakin has such a strong mind why is he so easily persuaded against every thing he was taught?

How does Anakin go from regret of killing a fellow Jedi, to pledging allegiance to the dark side and slaughtering younglings?

How can Natalie Portman win an Oscar in a movie if she's barely in it?

Oh, and were we the only ones who found it funny the way the babies were taken into the adoptive families? It seemed a little storkish to us. The Baby Delivery services "Hey, dear, the baby's delivered!"

And where have all the flowers gone?


dangeresque dan said...

I know why Annie chose to go to the "dark-side". It was only so he could save Padme- whom he ended up killing. But all other questions should be directed toward Mr. Lucas.

oldest child from far far away said...

Why didn't you just listen to me and rent it in 5 months? I told you it would be a renter!

newsynews said...

We think we have all Padme's lines memorized. "I'm frightened" "Hold me." "You're breaking my heart." "Luke...Leah." "There's still good in him..." If there are more than that...we might have missed some while blinking.

jac-atac said...

There were definitely too many fast reversals in this movie--far too fast. I can't get over how Anakin went against Mace rather than the Chancellor and then seemed to regret it, wailing "WhAT HaVE I DONNE??" only to pledge his allegiance to Palpatine near 30 seconds later. Whatever. Just not convincing. A lot wasn't.

I enjoyed the movie nonetheless. :)

the devine one said...

He figured that if he changed to the Dark Side he would save Padme, but that was the thing that ended up killing her..