Wednesday, August 22, 2007

before our banishment

We were allowed to take a few hours detour to see the cutest little butten we've ever had for a nephew.
We took the liberty of taking a picture for the blog, we hope this will satisfy all our veiwers.



Oh, we can't help ourselves.
Little Lawrence David Oberg was named for his two grandpas.
His timing made the difference between two very long weeks or one very long day.

We, the newsy news staff, are at the MN State Fair serving a two week self imposed(in an involentary sort of ways) sentence. Please, everyone, stop by the Grand Stand and relieve our suffering...
or we're bound to complain here...

Monday, August 20, 2007

He's coming! He's coming! He'!!!!

We have another Monday's child!!!!

Our latest edition, 2007 model baby has finally arrived at 5pm today, 2 weeks early, 6lbs 4oz. heavy, 19in. long, 6in. wide, 0 teeth, black hair, 8 fingers, 2 thumbs, 10 toes, and remains nameless as of 5:30. But he's already a lucky little guy, he was the 10,000 hit on our sight counter! He gets 1000 newsy points to spend at any newsy store as soon as he's old enough to count that high.

When we asked the favorite brother if he was cute, the answer was, with great confidence, "oh yeah."

We did manage to get a photo, not of the baby, we haven't seen him yet, but its of a onesy he'll wear someday. We thought everyone would like to see this first picture...



"Let's hear it for the boy"

Friday, August 10, 2007

A new business proposition

Newsy news is now selling advertisement space on this blog.

Eat at The Pizza Mill.

We reserve the right to write and, or, rewrite any and all advertisements we post. we also reserve the right to not post advertisments we have had to rewrite. Any advertisments we have not writen will not appear on this blog, any advertisment that has not been prepaid will not appear on this blog, any advertisment that lacks a humoris eliment will not appear on this blog, any advertisment we have had to write will not appear on this blog, any advertisment that we don't like will not appear on this blog...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A scene from finding Nemo

At the end of the movie, there is a scene where all the fish who were escaping from the dentist office were in little plastic bags full of water and they were very heroically rolling them to the sea.

Well, in honor of that great moment of brilliance, the favorite Brainerd Grandparents little fishies decided to recreate that scene. And much to the middle child’s surprise (she was the unknowing accomplice who put them in the bags) they were very capable of rolling their bags where ever they chose to go.