Thursday, May 14, 2009

our docks

we know we promised pictures of our semi-new docks, but we don't have any pictures of them.
We thought we'd just write about them instead...

The one that was curved like an S last year is now straight as an arrow. We lost a foot of it to its cure...but the good news is the favorite father was able to save the other five feet.

The one that was curved like a question mark and never made it to the water last year is now 7 ft shorter and resembles a T. It also floats...well actually, both docks floated, but we took the boat out from under the other one.

The good news is both docks are dog safe. As the silly sisters were putting the planks down, the one eyed mutt would follow them out and test each new section before he'd let anyone else try it. And they're child safe, the glow worm ran up and down them over and over again just to make sure they worked.

Feel free to come try them for your self...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

when GG came home...

To celebrate GG’s return from Texas, the glow worm insisted on making a cake. She did real well, she dumped the water in with gusto, she poured the oil in with brilliance, and she stirred the batter with enthusiasm. Her cooking skills far exceed her three years, and if we may be so bold, her skills are fast surpassing the youngest child’s. At least, the favorite mother thought so until it came time to frost the cake.

As the little glow was meticulously smearing the frosting across the cake, by herself, the favorite mother heard a rather wet sounding sneeze. The favorite mother glance slyly at the busy glow worm and then quickly away.

The youngest child had also heard, but rather than feel pleased that she was still a better cook than the little glow, she felt slightly horrified as she noticed how close the glow worms nose was to the cake. And then there was another sneeze.
“Ma…” the youngest child whispered…
“Shh,” the favorite mother hissed, “Don’t say anything!”

The youngest child eyed the cake frosting glow worm and tried to forget the sneezes. After all, how could a perfect little cake maker be held responsible for such a trivial matter as a sneeze while frosting?

The cake was served, complete with finger-licking designs across the top, and the glow worm praised for her skills and excellent tasting frosting.

Welcome home favorite Texas grandparents!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's day

For our favorite mother,

Today we will let you do what ever you want to do.
Because we've been told, thats what we aught to.

You can walk slowly through the patchy grass,
and dream about a bass.
Or bask in the sunshine on the rock,
and go skinny dipping in your frock.

We'll clear a path before you,
if you want an easy hike,
or land the party barge,
if thats what you would like.

You don't have to do the dishes,
however if you really want to,
you're allowed to do your wishes.

We'll cook you anything you want,
for coffee, lunch and snacks,
but we need you to stay close,
And advise us when we ask.

Today has not made you,
more special than before,
today is for the world to see,
the lady we adore.

And to the oldest child and the favorite sister-in-law who are also sure have a wonderful example to follow!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

the bug collection

Here's the Cricket, the Glow Worm and little Hides (previously known as the lady bug)(oh, and Hides is short for Recluse)
Here's the Glow Worm swinging while little Cricket looks on in awe at his cousin "Glow Glow"

And here's the Cricket being plagued by two adoring aunts. Poor little guy, he's obviously having a terrible time...

Currently we are working on bug names for the 2009 addition to our bug collection...but we have no pictures at this time...

Join us tomorrow for an update on our docks...we will have pictures of those...maybe.