Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our State Fair is the best State Fair

Thank you to everyone who has stopped to see us...esspecially to the favorite singing family who some how managed to connect sunday and tuesyday in a freakish way. And to everyone who has stopped, thank you, and yes we did infact see you pointing and laughing.

Six days down, and only six to go! Oh boy! How shall we ever bear such joy? And yes we do mean bear.

Pardon us if we forget wether it's day or night...or if it's actually today instead of yesterday...its okay though, we have a plan...

we'll sleep when its over.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wild raspberries

How much a wild raspberry is enjoyed depends on how much a person looks at it before its tossed into the mouth. The faster it enters the mouth after leaving the plant the greater the enjoyment. But a slight hesitation in the toss may ruin the entire experience. For at a slight glance little white dots are visible…possibly the eggs of the bug you just blew off. On closer inspection a little tiny little white worm may greet you with an imploring plea for its little life…and the life of the only food it has to grow on.

Stink bugs and wild fruit flies are easily brushed off and promptly forgotten, and even the eggs can be tolerated as long as they brush off easily, but a worm found is as good as a berry thrown…and its very difficult to stop the thought from coming…how many worms have we eaten this year in our berry patch without us even knowing?

Monday, August 18, 2008

On assignment

On their way to Idaho for vacation
the silly sisters stopped at the Grand Canyon in North Dakota
As usual, the picture does not do it justice...or the silly sisters for that matter
And then there was Lolo Pass
This is the youngest child gawking at one of the views...or rather, she's gawking at the tourists gawking at the view.



This is the middle child laughing at the awkward looking camera person.



After they had over come being distracted by the sights and sounds(horns?) the silly sisters finally arrived in Idaho


Here the grins and gigglers are standing at the top of the little mountain they climbed after fly fishing in a happy little lake. Okay, so they didn't have to climb very high, and they didn't make it to the top; but hey, no one ever has to know that.


Tune in next time for pictures of the silly sisters doing a photo shoot with May and Phil.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

pictures of our bugs

><><><>><>< <><><><><><>
The cricket and the glow worm.

><><><><><><> heres an older picture of the cricket when he was younger

<><><The glow worm and her motorcycle


And our little lady bug

And here's all our bugs getting along famously in our bug net

Hope everyone enjoyed seeing our bugs as much as we did!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

to post or not to post

Thats just silly!

Of course we're not going to post today. We have way to many cabins to clean and fluff and stuff. We'd have to be made of time to post on a day as busy as this one...or maybe we just got up super early after going to bed horribly late...but at any rate, we're not going to post to day!

So there!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Happy August Day!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right, today is the wonderful first day of August, and as such we are determined to have a fabulous day!!! A beautiful day! A spectacular day! A completly unforgetable day! A...a...perfect day! A great day! A nice day! A good day. A fine day. A...a...um...a....well, at any rate, we are determined to have a day of it.

Hey, at the very least, we've already smiled once...even the lady bug!