Monday, March 30, 2009

“It’s a tomato, that’s what”

A few years ago while at a show, the silly sister’s had the great joy of roaming in Bootleg Canyon somewhere south of most places, for an afternoon. While there they no doubt caused some sort of mischief, the reports were never conclusive. The one fact that was for sure is the favorite mother acquired a nice little cactus from the excursion…using a plastic spoon and a McDonalds cup.

The cactus is a pretty little thing, complete with nice long thorns tipped a delicate maroon color. The plant stands a good six inches, and has remarkably given birth to a fragile little dot of an infant, a small dot of adorable green…a hair bigger than a pea, and a minnow scale smaller than a marble.

All births aside, the cactus threatened to bloom while the favorite mother was gallivanting out west again. Upon the return of the favorite mother, the silly sister’s informed her in their own eloquent way:

“Hey ma, your thing started to bloom while you were gone,” The middle child began delicately.
“What thing?” The favorite mother couldn’t help but be confused.
“The tomato,” the middle child tried to clarify pointing toward the window which contained the cactus.
The youngest child looked at her sideways, (to better understand her…perhaps) and then glanced at the cactus in the window.
“The tomato?” The favorite mother was still confused as she also looked at the window. Perhaps she was still tired from her trip.
The middle child appeared a little confused by her own words as they finally settled in.
“Oh, yeah,” The youngest child agreed very soberly with the middle child after she’d studied the cactus thoughtfully, “That’s right. The tomato’s blooming Ma.”
The favorite mother maintained a composed happy little smile as the silly sister’s burst out giggling.
The cactus remained indifferent in the window.

Happy 35th wedding anniversary Favorite Parents!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A note, from John-Paul and Jeff,

First and foremost we would like to apologize for yesterdays post. The girls were unfortunately allowed to spend a considerable amount of time yesterday being idle. Really we have no idea what goes on inside their heads. For while we, John-Paul and Jeff, were stuck inside all day sheet rocking and hiding the buttons on the wall, the girls were off roaming the yard in shorts, plowing through snow drifts higher than their knobby knees, gallivanting and giggling, and stomping through mud puddles to their hearts content.

Perhaps their guilt over enjoying the spring time made them melancholy for the winter they had to let go.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Now we know

With the snow melting off the ground faster than a glow worm eats ice cream, we now know why we dedicated the last 7 Marchs to Texas. Its beyond painful for us to watch our snow disapear before our eyes.

And while we sit here woefully contemplating our castle of snow, now sunk into a puddle of slush and ruin, we can't help but feel sorry for ourselves, our sleds, and our castle.

Monday, March 09, 2009

The life of the retired

This is what gets done when two sillies are allowed to retire prematurely.

It even has an arch door!

It's completly a whitish sort of way. And it's completly edible and biodegradable! We think everyone should live in something like this!

Imagine how big this snow fort would be if everyone who was retired had helped!
Okay, so no one is impressed. But to a three year old and two silly sisters, its a pretty awsome days work.
The one eyed mutt remained unimpressed...even after he was allowed inside and fed tiny peices of the wall.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Of all the…

Well the ups came today…HE FORGOT TO BRING THE MILK!!!!!

We just can’t hire good help now days…

....and we don't care if he was just filling in for someone, he should have read the memo and called from Orr.

Thats all.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The glue called home

Last week at this time the favorite family was just settling into lil ol blue 3 for their happy ride home. By Wednesday afternoon they were happily running around the house to warm it up with the little glow worms giggle warming everyone even better. And they haven't left it since.

This has caused a rather tragic catastrophe...they've run out of 2% milk! And we're not sure how they'll survive another breakfast without it...

Unfortunatly, they all still have no intention of going anywhere. But its good for them on some levels. The silly sisters now understand the favorite mothers sacrifice when they drink her Skim Milk. They haven't been reduced to canned milk yet, but they do now know that a calcium pill crushed into water does not equel 2% milk, no matter what the water looks like.

In short, this is a notice to anyone driving out to the happy place (including ups), bring 2%...

a secret note from the youngest child...(bring whole milk instead of 2%)

a secret secret note from the middle child...(no bring 2%!)

Sunday, March 01, 2009


*For the favorite father, on his 60th birthday*

While on their way home from a show in P.A, the favorite family was traveling on the Pennsylvania Turn Pike. It was on a Sunday in which the Pittsburg Steelers were playing, among some other eastern teams, and the favorite family was in high spirits. The middle child had been debating with herself for quite some time over which football team she wished to see least at the Super Bowl. She hadn’t reached any solid conclusion when little ol blue three pulled into a service plaza where every other person had their football jerseys on for their team of choice. (Now, for the record, the favorite family had been traveling for the better part of three hours, and they were over 150 miles away from where their last show had been.)

The favorite father just happened to park by two men who were standing by their SUV. The favorite father, in a moment of high humor, no doubt brought on by his silly daughters high wit at one of the teams expense, jubilantly asked the men if this was where the tailgate party was. They blinked in surprise and assured him that it was and the whole favorite family went giggling into the Plaza to use the bathrooms.

The joke was on him however for when the favorite family returned to little ol blue three, the men were still there waiting in their vehicle. As the favorite father approached his own door the men rolled down their window and said, “You’re the wallet man aren’t you? From the show?”
The favorite father, stunned though he was, answered immediately, “Yes I am.”
“I thought so," one of the men said with a laugh, "I buy a wallet from you every year.”

It is a small world…after all.

Here's to being famous for many more years favorite father!