Sunday, May 27, 2007

In honor of our heroic field staff,

This is a special post dedicated to recognizing our field staff and their harrowing experiences and accomplishments…or at the very least, what ever it is they do.

*Poor little tender tush and her noble chauffer, who have learned the beauty of the saying “3 steps back 1 step forward”…perhaps that’s not quite how it goes…but so it goes for them.

*Blueberry and Mushroom who have much to say about the weather rock and reportedly suffer greatly from deep thoughts.

*The silly sisters who have gallantly suffered finger-smashing hammers, which, much to their dismay, don’t always leave a mark.

*The middle child and the youngest child, who have lived through (without tears) staples that do, in fact, go into fingers…and get stuck.

*The demolition child and her accomplice wrecker, who heroically dodge all evil attempts that gravity pulls to toss them from their precarious and rather awkward ladder’s.

*Clumsy and dumbsy who suffer greatly from (but with only mild complaining and wailing) hook blades and evil tractors.

All this our heroic field team gallantly brave and more…for something to blog about.

So the big question we here at the newsy offices have for our dear field editors is, WHERE ARE THE STORIES??

And if any of you dare blame it on that poor one eyed mutt…

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Our review of the..sob...

Pirate movie

First and foremost we’d like to state that we were heartily dismayed over the ending. And of course we waited for the after credits stuff. The state of our melancholy was so intense after we left the theater, we didn’t even notice that we waited over half an hour at Lowe’s for someone to take our sheet rock out of the van when we were fully capable of doing it ourselves in half the time…or at least 2/3 of the time…or possibly 9/10 of the time…well at least we wouldn’t have been staring into the abyss for the half hour; it could have served to keep our blubbering brains busy for at least 45 minutes…but we get lazy when our poor sentimental hearts are all aflutter. Our poor little tender minds still can’t bare to think about the…but we don’t want to ruin it for anyone…perhaps if we had been prepared for disappointment we wouldn’t have been so disappointed.

At least they were…first. Which is highly un-Hollywood like. But really, the ending is too Superman/Starwars/ish…with the wonderful exception that they were...and publicly…kind about an original ending for a change though…or something more predictable? Wouldn’t that have been nice? He didn’t have to…and what a twit! The only theme carried through all three movies is Miss Swan this, and Miss Swan that…other than that we couldn’t follow the…but what girl could when Orlando Bloom is actually acting and not just being pretty?…perhaps it wasn’t so bad…we still think Will should have…yes indeed he should have.

don't even get us started on Jack...

Oh look at the time!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

the bunny

"When I'm happy my ears wiggle and my foot taps up and down.
When I'm happy I will giggle and I never ever frown.
I'm your freindly easter bunny, I've come to town to day, with a basket full of candy and a lot of games to play..."

Thank you little glow, for loving to push buttons, and for holding onto the bunnies ears while he's happy.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

There comes a time…

There comes a time, in every spring, when the silly sister’s stop to evaluate what is important in their lives. They work quietly by themselves and carefully way the pros and cons of the greatest decision of every spring. Diligently they reflect on the happy winter that has passed, and wonder once more if it is really over and safe to act on their reflections. And then, the moment arrives, it’s too hot to postpone the inevitable…the decision is made…and two hours later, they can wear shorts again.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

hee hee hee hee

"Oh look..."
"This one is the middle child...and this one is the youngest child...hee hee hee"

For best results, say it in a very high voice like the boys do...



Proof that, "The youngest child, the middle child and the twins were here" unfortunatly, the children weren't allowed to leave it uncovered, so no one will ever be able to see this fine peice of art in person.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The A, B, C's according to newsy,

A is for another Albatross accident
B is for baby Bambi being bitten
C is for crazy cousins camping
D is for drowning dusty donuts
E is for Effluvium
F is for favorite flattery food
G is for going gallivanting! Good gravy
H is for happy humble hermit homes
I is for ignorant ink igloos
J is for joining jobs just joking
K is for kindly kidding kids
L is for lousy losing lynx
M is for my most memorable memory moments!
N is for nosy newsy news
O is for only out of order
P is for pretty pink ponies playing
Q is for quiet quaint quarterbacks
R is for romantic rivers rhyming
S is for silly sister’s sadly saying something stupid
T is for tis totally tuesyday tonight
U if for unfortunately unwillingly unable…understand?
V is for Villain voter! Victory vanity!!
W is for water warthogs wailing wildly
X is for Xerxes Xylophone
Y is for yucky young yaks
Z is for zesty zilch zigzags