Thursday, June 29, 2006

this months workout:


More importantly casting

Now, we used to think we were experts on the subject until we met someone who was truly proficient, so today’s workout is going to be for the beginners and the intermediate, anyone seeking the advanced workout will have to wait until we’ve perfected it ourselves.

For the beginner: Use a zebco closed face button release reel. Hold pole horizontally and straight out in front of yourself. Push the button in and hold it. Swing the pole back over your head and whip it forward. Be sure to release the button as you whip it forward. Splash…good! But next time don’t release the pole when you release the button. Okay, go find another pole and repeat until your arm feels like its going to fall off…or for about 5 minutes.

For the intermediate: Do the same as the beginner, only be sure to look behind yourself before you whip the pole forward, this should eliminate the annoying hats that keep collecting on the hook. To make this workout harder, use an open reel.

That’s it for this month, remember don’t over do it!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A week in remembrance of one day!!!

That’s right, we’ve spent the whole week remembering the first day of summer only to discover, we’ve missed a whole week of summer.

Oh and happy anniversity to our favorite brother and his wife our favorite sister-in-law.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Happy Birthday!

A very happy 30th birthday to our favorite brother-in-law!!!!!!

We may be a little late saying this but we mean it with all our hearts!

Note: oldest child, we reserve the right to forget anyones birthday...sorry, better luck next year.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The party

Wednesday, June 21st
We will be celebrating the 3rd Annual Cattail, rootbeer keg(that parts new), Party and 5th birthday of the newsy news letter….plus it’s the longest day of the year…who wont be partying?

The itinerary of the day:

4am, wake up and go kayaking
Sometime after that return for first breakfast
7am go to the Y with the favorite mother
return for second breakfast and coffee.
Have another coffee break
10am clean cabin,
12pm eat lunch,
2pm play croquet
Eat snack
3pm go party barging
Eat snack
4pm pick cattails
Eat snack
5pm crowning of the guest of honor with cattails
6pm eat supper at the campfire
8pm play disc golf
9pm eat smores
10 visit Mama’s Pond
Eat snack
11pm Skeeters go to bed
Eat bed time snack
12pm we go to bed

This is our schedule for tomorrows 3rd annual Cattail party, everything is subject to change if we don’t feel like doing it, but if all else fails you can be sure we will stick to the "Code". Not included on this list is, Volley Ball, Water Skiing/tubing, one small surprise and many many hikes…we’ll squeeze it all in where we can, but as you can see our day looks packed as it is.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Such that they are, here are the pictures



We're the ones on the edges...and no we are not wearing skirts

And the best picture of all....



grinnin purty for the pictures!

The computer didn't download the bottoms of the pictures...oh well ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, but we still love technology.

Friday, June 09, 2006

The Question

Why does the middle child shudder at the sight of a rake or hoe?

Monday, June 05, 2006

Deep thoughts by the silly sisters

Do you know how difficult it is to begin everyday in a good mood?

We've about given up on it!

Friday, June 02, 2006

For our favorite Air Force cousin in honor of his wedding...

From My Fair Lady
"Get me to the church on time"

Some words have been changed to better fit what we wanted to say on this happy occasion…sob…

There's just a few more hours,
That's all the time you've got.
A few more hours Before you tie the knot.

Our cousins getting married on tomorrow!
Ding and Dong! The cousins are gonna chime.
Pull out the stopper! It’ll be a whopper!
But get him to the church on time!

Our cousins gotta be there in the mornin'!
Spruced up and lookin' really fine.
Girls, come to kiss him;
His fiancée she will kick them.
But get him to the church on time!

If he is dancin' Roll up the floor.
If he is whistlin' Whewt him out the door!
For he’s gettin' married on the morrow'
Ding and Dong! His cousins are gonna chime.
Kick up a ruckus the silly sister’s lost the compass;
but they’ll get him to the church,
Get him to the church, For goodness sake,
get him to the church on time!

He’s getting married in the morning
Ding and Dong! The cousins are gonna chime.
Drug him or jail him, Stamp him and mail him.
But get him to the church on time!

He’s gotta be there in the morning
Spruced up and lookin' in his prime.
Some bloke who's able Lift up the table,
And get em to the church on time!

If he is flying then get him down.
If he is woozy, Make him keep it down!
For he’s getting married in the morning!
Ding and Dong! the cousins are gonna chime.
Feather and tar He; Call out the Army;
But get him to the church.
Get him to the church...
For goodness sake,
get him to the church on time!

The silly cousins will be singing this part on their way home from gallivanting tonight:
Starlight is reelin' home to bed now.
Mornin' is smearin' up the sky.
The sleepin town is wakin'.
Daylight is breakin'.
Good luck, old chum, Good health, goodbye.
He’s gettin' married in the mornin'
Ding and Dong! The cousin are gonna chime...
Hail and salute Him Then haul off and boot him...
And get him to the church, Get him to the church...
For goodness sake, get him to the church on time!
See you there Cousin, and to Our new favorite Air Force Cousins wife, welcome to the craziest batch of cousins you could ever hope to avoid!!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

This weeks workout:

We have come to the conclusion that a workout once a week is way too ambitious for us right now. So from now on, we will only be working out once a month…or possibly twice a month…if we’ve had enough sugar.