Friday, September 28, 2007

the bummer blog

our little glow worm has left us for greener trees
and we have not the heart to write....

not even the one eyed mutt was allowed to remain to comfort us...sob.


We're gonna miss that dog.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

our little glow worm

When she says "Apple", she really means, "helper" as in, she's a "happle"

When she runs to the bathroom to go potty, she does in fact know what she's going there to do, thats why she insists on shutting the door after pushing whoever was following her out.

She developed a very good learning system where instead of learning two names for two people she'd just apply the same name to as many people as possible. Thats why all older men are "Bumpa". She used to be able to say the middle childs name quite clearly, and naturally she used it for the youngest child as well. Until one day the youngest child taught her how to say "ll's" very well and ever since then, both the middle child and the youngest child are refered to(by the little glow worm) by the youngest childs name.

Little glow likes tractors. She likes to tell stories about tractors, "Bumpa! brumbrumbrum." and with that she makes a scoop with her hand to pick up imaginary dirt and she moves her hand over to an imaginary pile and drops the imaginary dirt making the imginary pile higher.

She thinks she can turn on the dinning room light just by rubbing her fingers together, this is the favorite brothers fault (he's an electician you know). She was even convinced that her kiss to someone elses fingers would transfere the lighting power.

She grew up in one night, while her mother was trying to put her to bed, little glow pointed to the door and said, "out" and she fell asleep on her own while her poor mother sat in a chair in the living room and wondered how it had happened so fast.

She wants everything, "Me.(pointing at her little chest) That!(pointing at whatever it is she desparatly wants)"

"Peas". could mean anything from "cheese" to "please". she calls real peas, "balls".

There is a scene in the new Pink Panther where the guy is learning to speak flawless english, every word he repeats has no simalarity to the original word until finnally at the end, all his english words sound the same. Well thats what teaching little glow worm new words is like, she does okay with the first word, but the second always sounds exactly like the first, untill finally all the words she's repeating sound something like the middle childs name.

she knows more than we know she knows.

Her first clear sentence was, "don't do that"(she must have heard that a lot, but we're not about to admit it)

She likes to spell her name, usually she just mubles it to her self, "g. o. r. i. l. g. o. a. i." until someone steps in and helps her a little with her ordering.

We miss our little glow.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The recovery

The middle child and the youngest child are still in recovery from the large amount of people they were subjected to while on their last mission.

They beg us to report though, that they are quite certain, if they ever got a real job, they'd always be employee of the month...