Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Deep thoughts by Blueberry

or rather, something Blueberry is contemplating:

Which direction do you stir your hot chocolate, coffee, tea, or soup? And why to do you stir it that direction instead of the opposite direction?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wishing you

A very Merry Christmas!

from the happy place





from the newsy news letter offices....

And from the very silly sisters


And a very happy new year!!!!!!
May the grace of our Lord be with you, now and always.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

What ails you?

warning. (we don't know why, but we felt we should have a warning before this post.)

How to know what ails you:

If you think in terms of how it will taste coming back up, you may have the stomach flu. We recommend apple sauce and pudding, they’re nice and smooth for the return trip out and they’ll still taste pretty good.

If going outside is based on how fast you can shed your outside cloths if you need to use the bathroom, you may have an upside down stomach flu, that means instead of coming up and out, its going down and out, and fast.

If you can’t decided if you should kneel by the toilet or sit on it, you may have an upside down inside out stomach flu. We recommend carrying a bucket around so such a choice won’t actually be necessary to make.

If you feel rolled over and stomped on, and still you manage to do all the work that must be done, your probably a mother, and we thank you.

If you feel pretty lousy, and still you can talk about cutting wood, your probably our favorite father and your not really sick, its just sympathy. (we're just kidding favorite father)

If there’s no argument about what movie to watch, the entire family better head for the hospital, it sounds pretty bad to us.

Well, if these suggestions aren’t helpful for determining what ails you, we’re sorry. Oddly enough they were right on for us.

Please wash your hands with soap after reading this.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On the strip of Vegas

While walking down Las Vegas boulevard at a brisk pace(for the silly sisters can walk at no other pace) the middle child and the youngest child were accosted by a salesman with the following inspiration.
“I have a pretty girl special going on…”
The silly sisters hadn’t made eye contact, and they were walking at such a brisk pace that though the salesman had begun his sentence before they reached him, they were passed him before he finished.
But even knowing the danger of getting trapped into a five minute recital was over, the youngest child couldn’t stop herself from chirping gleefully over her shoulder back at him, “Well you better go find some then!”
And the two ornery silly sisters walked on without breaking their stride, while the poor gallant, if rehearsed, salesmen was heard muttering to himself, “I thought I had…”

In other news, we are happy to report, that though the silly sisters pretend to play the snobs on the strip of Vegas, they haven’t quite reduced themselves to chasing down celebrities yet. That’s right, we have actual proof that the silly sisters passed by a man they both recognized as someone famous, without attacking him with pen and paper. He saw their glances and walked on, with perhaps a quicker pace, while smiling in amusement. If the silly sisters had only known the name of the man they no doubt would have made chase. But unfortunately for them, they couldn’t quite place his name until they saw his face on the hotel opposite theirs, and it was then they both knew without a doubt that they had seen Barry Manilow, and had even brushed passed his 10,000. dollar suit.

Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 07, 2008

the odds

the odds of two good girls finding two good boys in Las Vegas are surprisingly low. Actually, the odds of those two good girls winning big on gambling are much higher than their odds of finding two good boys....so what are two good girls to do with such odd odds?

They're going to keep the five cents they found in the parking lot, and the quarter their favorite Brainerd grandpa gave them, and go to bed at once.

Merry Christmas

Monday, December 01, 2008


Christmas day is coming,
The Christmas seasons here.
The Christmas tunes are humming,
In and out our ear.

The Christmas cups are out,
The Christmas lights are on,
The Christmas tree looks stout,
For this is the Christmas season.

The halls are decked with holly,
The giggles roll and burst,
The air is filled so jolly,
And its only December first!

Merry Christmas