Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!!

we've figured out why the youngest child did not get her 20,000 acre ranch from Santa this year...

The middle child accounted for it quite well,
"Santa got run over by his reindeer, taking off from my roof Christmas Eve. I know some people have had their doubts about Santa, and now there's no point for them to beleive..."

She is sorry about it, but that's not consoling to the youngest child who now lacks land.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

And congradulations to all you lucky Turkeys who have survived another year!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rules rule

The silly sisters have come up with five simple rules for when they're working that they hope all by standers will remember...the rules apply individually to whom ever it applies.

Rule #1 don't yell at us when we're on top of the scaffold,
Rule #2 don't yell at us as we're hanging from the scaffold,
Rule #3 don't yell at us as we're falling through the air,
Rule #4 don't scold us when we land, and
Rule #5 don't just stand there, call the doctor!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

our mistake

apparently, the middle childs boot is not supposed to double as a garbage can in the van...

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


While out on a walk one day with the three year old little glow worm, the middle child and the youngest child kept picking daisies and plucking them dry; the petals falling like snow as fast as their nimble finger's could pluck.

The glow worm watched them and was inspired to pick her own daisies, but she became very concerned at the idea of pulling the petals off. She clutched her daisies tighter and admonished the silly sisters pluckings with her furrowed brow and narrowed eyes.

Finally, at the youngest childs frustrated sighings and grave exclamations of, "He loves me not!" the glow worm consoled her by stating, "That is okay youngest child, you don't need to pull the petals off."

The youngest child said in dejection, "I don't huh?"

"No!" the little glow worm chirped happily and she held up her fist full of perfectly un harmed daisies, "See! He loves me!"

Indeed, perhaps the silly sisters have been doing it wrong all these years...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

the 6th annual Cattail Party

Its tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starting with the sunrise, we will by snacking, kayaking, hiking, biking, Frisbeeing, snacking, playing, poontooning, fishing, swimming, eating, counting cattails, picking daisies, watching fireflies...and just over all runing wild all day long...

The menu for the day will be: Barbequed eggs, fish, pancakes, snacks, and just about any food we have on hand...

The food and activities are subject to change with the weather and our moods...the party ends when the sun goes down...

Monday, June 08, 2009

for hire...

Newsy News Construction now for hire,

Newsy news construction is a unique construction company, the workers all wish to be paid by the job quality,

Perfect= three meals a day plus snacks
Near perfect= 10 bucks an hour,
Great=15 bucks an hour,
Good= 20 bucks an hour
Okay= 25 bucks an hour
Liveable= 30 bucks an hour,
Terrible= 40 bucks an hour

So here's the deal, they'll do the job and charge whatever you think is reasonable.

Oddly enough everyone who's hired them has given them raving reviews.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

our docks

we know we promised pictures of our semi-new docks, but we don't have any pictures of them.
We thought we'd just write about them instead...

The one that was curved like an S last year is now straight as an arrow. We lost a foot of it to its cure...but the good news is the favorite father was able to save the other five feet.

The one that was curved like a question mark and never made it to the water last year is now 7 ft shorter and resembles a T. It also floats...well actually, both docks floated, but we took the boat out from under the other one.

The good news is both docks are dog safe. As the silly sisters were putting the planks down, the one eyed mutt would follow them out and test each new section before he'd let anyone else try it. And they're child safe, the glow worm ran up and down them over and over again just to make sure they worked.

Feel free to come try them for your self...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

when GG came home...

To celebrate GG’s return from Texas, the glow worm insisted on making a cake. She did real well, she dumped the water in with gusto, she poured the oil in with brilliance, and she stirred the batter with enthusiasm. Her cooking skills far exceed her three years, and if we may be so bold, her skills are fast surpassing the youngest child’s. At least, the favorite mother thought so until it came time to frost the cake.

As the little glow was meticulously smearing the frosting across the cake, by herself, the favorite mother heard a rather wet sounding sneeze. The favorite mother glance slyly at the busy glow worm and then quickly away.

The youngest child had also heard, but rather than feel pleased that she was still a better cook than the little glow, she felt slightly horrified as she noticed how close the glow worms nose was to the cake. And then there was another sneeze.
“Ma…” the youngest child whispered…
“Shh,” the favorite mother hissed, “Don’t say anything!”

The youngest child eyed the cake frosting glow worm and tried to forget the sneezes. After all, how could a perfect little cake maker be held responsible for such a trivial matter as a sneeze while frosting?

The cake was served, complete with finger-licking designs across the top, and the glow worm praised for her skills and excellent tasting frosting.

Welcome home favorite Texas grandparents!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's day

For our favorite mother,

Today we will let you do what ever you want to do.
Because we've been told, thats what we aught to.

You can walk slowly through the patchy grass,
and dream about a bass.
Or bask in the sunshine on the rock,
and go skinny dipping in your frock.

We'll clear a path before you,
if you want an easy hike,
or land the party barge,
if thats what you would like.

You don't have to do the dishes,
however if you really want to,
you're allowed to do your wishes.

We'll cook you anything you want,
for coffee, lunch and snacks,
but we need you to stay close,
And advise us when we ask.

Today has not made you,
more special than before,
today is for the world to see,
the lady we adore.

And to the oldest child and the favorite sister-in-law who are also sure have a wonderful example to follow!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

the bug collection

Here's the Cricket, the Glow Worm and little Hides (previously known as the lady bug)(oh, and Hides is short for Recluse)
Here's the Glow Worm swinging while little Cricket looks on in awe at his cousin "Glow Glow"

And here's the Cricket being plagued by two adoring aunts. Poor little guy, he's obviously having a terrible time...

Currently we are working on bug names for the 2009 addition to our bug collection...but we have no pictures at this time...

Join us tomorrow for an update on our docks...we will have pictures of those...maybe.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The bikes

Aren't they adorable?

Maybe someday we'll get a picture of the silly sisters actually riding them!!!!

Monday, April 06, 2009

The moment of Truth

"That’s right, this may come as a shock to just about everyone, but we wanted you to be the first to know….everything"--was almost entirely true...except we didn't tell everything

the silly sisters bought a couple of bikes over the in-between their bucket runs between maple trees they'll be practicing their awkward skills...

And thats the truth.

We'll post a picture of them when the sap stops running

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Announcing the middle child’s engagement!!!

That’s right, this may come as a shock to just about everyone, but we wanted you to be the first to know….everything!
Last week the middle child found the man of her dreams…she’s getting married in September…or October…or November…well, when ever the leaves look the prettiest.
The youngest child caught a falling star and called it Simon.
The one eyed mutt wants to adopt a batch of ducklings
Little Gold Knightly attacked the tin man.
Rascal came back.
The ice went off the lake.
John-Paul got a real job.
Jeff invested in a bug company and broke what was left of his bank.
The may flowers are blooming.
And then everyone said: Happy April fools day!!!
P.S. there is almost one item of truth to the list above…have a wonderful day!

Monday, March 30, 2009

“It’s a tomato, that’s what”

A few years ago while at a show, the silly sister’s had the great joy of roaming in Bootleg Canyon somewhere south of most places, for an afternoon. While there they no doubt caused some sort of mischief, the reports were never conclusive. The one fact that was for sure is the favorite mother acquired a nice little cactus from the excursion…using a plastic spoon and a McDonalds cup.

The cactus is a pretty little thing, complete with nice long thorns tipped a delicate maroon color. The plant stands a good six inches, and has remarkably given birth to a fragile little dot of an infant, a small dot of adorable green…a hair bigger than a pea, and a minnow scale smaller than a marble.

All births aside, the cactus threatened to bloom while the favorite mother was gallivanting out west again. Upon the return of the favorite mother, the silly sister’s informed her in their own eloquent way:

“Hey ma, your thing started to bloom while you were gone,” The middle child began delicately.
“What thing?” The favorite mother couldn’t help but be confused.
“The tomato,” the middle child tried to clarify pointing toward the window which contained the cactus.
The youngest child looked at her sideways, (to better understand her…perhaps) and then glanced at the cactus in the window.
“The tomato?” The favorite mother was still confused as she also looked at the window. Perhaps she was still tired from her trip.
The middle child appeared a little confused by her own words as they finally settled in.
“Oh, yeah,” The youngest child agreed very soberly with the middle child after she’d studied the cactus thoughtfully, “That’s right. The tomato’s blooming Ma.”
The favorite mother maintained a composed happy little smile as the silly sister’s burst out giggling.
The cactus remained indifferent in the window.

Happy 35th wedding anniversary Favorite Parents!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A note, from John-Paul and Jeff,

First and foremost we would like to apologize for yesterdays post. The girls were unfortunately allowed to spend a considerable amount of time yesterday being idle. Really we have no idea what goes on inside their heads. For while we, John-Paul and Jeff, were stuck inside all day sheet rocking and hiding the buttons on the wall, the girls were off roaming the yard in shorts, plowing through snow drifts higher than their knobby knees, gallivanting and giggling, and stomping through mud puddles to their hearts content.

Perhaps their guilt over enjoying the spring time made them melancholy for the winter they had to let go.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Now we know

With the snow melting off the ground faster than a glow worm eats ice cream, we now know why we dedicated the last 7 Marchs to Texas. Its beyond painful for us to watch our snow disapear before our eyes.

And while we sit here woefully contemplating our castle of snow, now sunk into a puddle of slush and ruin, we can't help but feel sorry for ourselves, our sleds, and our castle.

Monday, March 09, 2009

The life of the retired

This is what gets done when two sillies are allowed to retire prematurely.

It even has an arch door!

It's completly a whitish sort of way. And it's completly edible and biodegradable! We think everyone should live in something like this!

Imagine how big this snow fort would be if everyone who was retired had helped!
Okay, so no one is impressed. But to a three year old and two silly sisters, its a pretty awsome days work.
The one eyed mutt remained unimpressed...even after he was allowed inside and fed tiny peices of the wall.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Of all the…

Well the ups came today…HE FORGOT TO BRING THE MILK!!!!!

We just can’t hire good help now days…

....and we don't care if he was just filling in for someone, he should have read the memo and called from Orr.

Thats all.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The glue called home

Last week at this time the favorite family was just settling into lil ol blue 3 for their happy ride home. By Wednesday afternoon they were happily running around the house to warm it up with the little glow worms giggle warming everyone even better. And they haven't left it since.

This has caused a rather tragic catastrophe...they've run out of 2% milk! And we're not sure how they'll survive another breakfast without it...

Unfortunatly, they all still have no intention of going anywhere. But its good for them on some levels. The silly sisters now understand the favorite mothers sacrifice when they drink her Skim Milk. They haven't been reduced to canned milk yet, but they do now know that a calcium pill crushed into water does not equel 2% milk, no matter what the water looks like.

In short, this is a notice to anyone driving out to the happy place (including ups), bring 2%...

a secret note from the youngest child...(bring whole milk instead of 2%)

a secret secret note from the middle child...(no bring 2%!)

Sunday, March 01, 2009


*For the favorite father, on his 60th birthday*

While on their way home from a show in P.A, the favorite family was traveling on the Pennsylvania Turn Pike. It was on a Sunday in which the Pittsburg Steelers were playing, among some other eastern teams, and the favorite family was in high spirits. The middle child had been debating with herself for quite some time over which football team she wished to see least at the Super Bowl. She hadn’t reached any solid conclusion when little ol blue three pulled into a service plaza where every other person had their football jerseys on for their team of choice. (Now, for the record, the favorite family had been traveling for the better part of three hours, and they were over 150 miles away from where their last show had been.)

The favorite father just happened to park by two men who were standing by their SUV. The favorite father, in a moment of high humor, no doubt brought on by his silly daughters high wit at one of the teams expense, jubilantly asked the men if this was where the tailgate party was. They blinked in surprise and assured him that it was and the whole favorite family went giggling into the Plaza to use the bathrooms.

The joke was on him however for when the favorite family returned to little ol blue three, the men were still there waiting in their vehicle. As the favorite father approached his own door the men rolled down their window and said, “You’re the wallet man aren’t you? From the show?”
The favorite father, stunned though he was, answered immediately, “Yes I am.”
“I thought so," one of the men said with a laugh, "I buy a wallet from you every year.”

It is a small world…after all.

Here's to being famous for many more years favorite father!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

follow this trail

February 2nd and 3rd, from Orr Minnesota to Atlanta Georgia, (just because)
February 3rd and 4th, from Atlanta Georgia to Harrisburg Pennsylvania, (just for work)
February 16th and 17th, from Harrisburg Pennsylvania to Duluth Minnesota, (not for fun)
February 22nd and 23rd, from Duluth Minnesota to Harrisburg Pennsylvania, (just a quick trip)
February 24th and 25th, from Harrisburg Pennsylvania to Orr Minnesota, (but it was okay, the hitch hikers took a turn driving)

If you get out a map, you can figure out how many miles the silly sisters have put on in the last 25 days....then let us know cause we're too tired to do it ourselves...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

going home

Today the silly sisters were each asked out by the same boy, then they were offered weed on their way home in the sky walk, and then they lost their van on the fourth floor because they had parked on the third...

Needless to say, after such exploits they intend to get a good nights sleep and then head home.

Even if its only for two hours, the six hour drive will be worth every moment. Perhaps tomorrow night they wont be so stuck up while working after their two hour home vacation...

P.S. the middle child got to pet Twiggy the water skiing squirrel

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What the middle child still has to put up with

The youngest child grinned and giggled all day until finally the middle child demanded an explanation. The answer was quite surprising.
The youngest child was grinning and giggling because she had a tiny pack of sugar in her pocket…

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Happy Singles Awarness day everyone!

And just to show how festive the silly sisters are feeling on the occasion, they are both wearing red t-shirts that say, "Valentines day...stinks"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tis, tis false!

Only one of the following stories is true. How well do you know the silly sisters? Do you know which story really happened? Take a wild guess...

Story B

While standing alone (sort of) in their booth all day, the middle child and the youngest child do on occasion, get bored. So they, at times, turn their thinkable thoughts towards mischievous and devious plans.

While in this frame of mind they were accosted by a wandering and lost patron begging directions to the fishing area (a place three buildings down and 10 miles over).

The middle child and the youngest child, standing side by side, didn’t hesitate as they raised their arms to point out the correct direction to the poor lost wanderer. Unfortunately, they pointed in opposite directions. The one on the left pointed to a right corner while the one on the right pointed toward a left corner…and there by crossing each others hands as they pointed.

Realizing their mistake, they cackled insensibly as they looked at each other and corrected their mistake…Each chose, most heroically, to agree with the other for a change and they then each pointed in the direction the other had been pointing.

This of course, was no help as both the middle child and the youngest child were still pointing in opposite directions. The poor lost wanderer walked away in bewilderment having no idea he had been talking to the two silly sisters.

Story A:

Customer, “I’d like to buy this wallet.”
Seller, “Okay. Its $15.90.”
Customer groaning, “Come on, you can do better than that!”
Seller, smiling happily, “Yes sir, I can. I could charge $20 for it and then I’d be doing a whole lot better!”
Customer, suppressing a begrudging smile pulls out his money.
Seller, to a different customer who was laughing heartlessly, “I guess it depends on the point of view. Doesn‘t it?”

Monday, February 09, 2009


The middle child looked around her and the youngest child’s humble little booth and sighed heavily in discouragement, “Oh look how dirty our mess is.”

And the silly sisters laughed heartily.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Breaking news!!!!

This just in…yesterday.

We have it on good authority, or at least from a reliable source….or rather, a popular rumor…that neither of the silly sisters are real princesses.

That’s right, sad as this is to say, they would not feel a pea underneath 27 mattresses and all that fluff. And even if they could by some odd chance feel it, it would most certainly not leave a bruise. No indeed.

It became apparent, after sleeping on a hard button plagued mattress (which both silly sisters could feel most remarkably), that they were not princesses when neither of them could produce evidence of any bruising the next morning.

The rumor is still under investigation by the Board of Rumors as the middle child dares to contest the verdict.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

A story of the glow worm:

Our little glow worm has developed a very sensitive streak. One never quite knows what will set it off. Apparently, back ground music in a movie determines her feelings on every seen, as well as lighting, and yelling.

The youngest child, bless her heartlessness, has tried in vain to make light of tense situations in the movies she watches with glow. She laughs hysterically at the hideous monster on Sleeping Beauty. Chirps out the many attractions of the monster on Enchanted. But when the glow worm bights her lower lip, and her big eyes turn into two beautiful water fountains, she knows the battle is lost.

Recently, after returning home after a long trip, the middle child and the youngest child stopped by the oldest childs house to see the glow worm and the lady bug(who is under going a name change by the newsy news staff). While visiting, the youngest child couldn’t stop herself from asking the glow worm if she liked Madagascar, a movie the little glow had just seen.
“Noooo.” Little glow answered with a very grave look of disappointment on her little face.
“Why not?” The youngest child asked sensitively. “Was it scary?”
“Nooo.” Little glow hedged, and not knowing how to explain it fully she added, “I just cried and I cried and I cried and I cried.”

Sunday, January 11, 2009

When the moon hits your eye like a big...

"Look! Look at the beautiful moon!" The middle child cried out in great joy, pointing at the giant glowing globe as if she herself had hung it for the other's personal delight.

As everyone turned to look obediently up at the moon and say their natural "oohs" and "awes" the middle child bent over...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

good news

We're on the east coast right now,
so neither this,

(frostbite, causing some very silly looking sock lines that have lasted on the upward side of three weeks)

nor this,
(a half inch sliver from the favorite brothers house, and yes the house can still support itself without it)

should happen to us.
But alas, we are us where ever we go, and though we've managed to keep away from wood products and snow so far, we fear what other catastrophes may befall black boogers (from the deep fried air we're breathing) hindering sales as they hang from our unknowing noses. Or worse, hacking up furballs (from the sheep shearer's behind us) onto some childs cotten candy, accidentally of course...or, horror upon horror, running out of snack food and actually being reduced to eating a full sandwhich a day...
we want to go home to our deep snow and our slivers now please where its safe.