Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Trip Study


Dried up little Turtles

Cow pies

The middle child on the worm study

a letter and a paper clip

To: the middle child
From: the Youngest child

Dear sister,

There are rumors afloat of a van heading north tomorrow, I may be on it. I find my work is now done here, and I would risk eating more than I've worked for if I remained longer. Although our good brother-in-law is kind enough not to complain over the lack of left over's, I would not want to impose overly long.

Also, the wounds I had have healed now and I know I can go home and begin working again without fear of blister's...not that I ever feard them...I merely stated it that way because I thought it sounded well. These callouses better last longer than the last ones...I can't afford to be going through them so fast. I'm most anxious to be what I was before the symptoms leveled me, and nothing short of rocks, rakes and tractors will do the job.

You may notice that the tone of this letter is perhaps different, I confess I have been reading in the Scottish Cheiffs again...and I fear it has affected my rout of thinking...just be happy I'm leaving out the thee's and thou's that do float by on occasion...I'm near the end, and Lady Helen is as well...but I shall not lament a soul at rest in heaven.

Oh glow has something to say, "dear sarah bing me pop, miss you too ...press button too peas...press button too....hfwbgloria." I think she want's you to write her back.

Anyway, naps are on the house today...so

The youngest child
Greet the cousins for me, tell them they are doing a wonderful job for me.

Monday, April 28, 2008

another letter

To:the youngest child
From: the middle child

I don't know what to say to that. So lets remember happy times together.


the middle child

P.S. miss you too.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

another letter

to: the middle child
from: the youngest child

oh sister!!!

I can see how you would all be in uproar!! Is there no end to our woes??? The worms are drying up before our eyes, the cops are drawn to you like a minnow to bread...its un called for...the worms we can not help, but did you ask the dog about the whole cop thing? she may have tried to intimidate the cop with her long face you know...is the other middle child cousin sure the dog is to be trusted while looking out the back window...you know I like that dog but still there's just no other reason I can think a cop would give two poor little girls a hard time.

I was a very good girl yesterday, you'll be so proud of me...I know I am. I just can't remember why right now...hmm. Oh well. But did you hear what the glow worm did? The oldest child was feeding her cake and she said, "Is this cake mommy?" the oldest child happily told her "yes it is." the glow worms eyes got bright and she said, "Its Delicious." what a kid. Its just too funny how high her voice goes when she's asking a question though...I just about die all day long. She helped vacuum the stairs yesterday and told me all about a bad tumble she had taken down them while the tools she was carrying came tumbling down after her.

oh glow is here now, I asked her if she wanted me to tell you anything, she says "Nope!" she's too busy twirling in her dress I guess.

I watched the Red Green show last night and remember a lot of good times...we do a lot better at building floors than we do roofs...but hey we're only as good as our material, and I must say the materials have gotten considerably better in the last few years.

well tell the cousins hi from me...hey, how'd the dog like the cat? I hear they taste better the farther south you get...is it true? Blast...I don't mean for you try the cats...I want to know what the dog has to say about it.

Well I need to get ready for church...or rather, I need to apply both hands to drinking my coffee before I can go to church.

I miss you...after all, you've stolen my half of the computer, and I really miss my computer...sigh.

Love the youngest child,

P.S. I'm not sure if I should be concerned or not but the oldest child had a rather big burst of energy last night, I tell you she was flying around the house picking up toys and stuffing stuff in corners...I was going to tell her to sit down and let it pass but I figured since the favorite brother-in-law was home it was as good a time as any to go into labor...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

a letter

To: The youngest child
From: The middle child

Dear youngest child,

I just have to begin by saying how much life is not fare. First, if there are seven police cars on the side of the road, and ten cars pass those cops on the side of the road the odds arn't good for seven cars. It's unfortunate and unfare that we happened to be one of those seven. I mean what about the truck in front of us. That guy was flying, and the other guy swerving all over the road he was a maniac. But poor little inosent us driving slowly in a big mamas car have to take all the rap for speeding. Oh Well.

The second thing to life is not fare is, The tragic amount of poor worms that I have seen. Every stop we made I saw litered dried up worms of all sizes. The first time I saw them I thought to my self that it had been raining in this part of the country. But when I saw them dried up little worms at the secound and then the third and even the fourth stops were there was no rain I really got to thinking my research my be over. Oh sister I have come all this way and now my research is over. At this point of the trip when I discovered that I was a bit upset, but the other middle child was there to calm my nerves and very comforting. I will still look into the matter but as for now I will look for other research.

I really must be going. Say Hi to all there.

Love your silly sister, the middle child

Friday, April 25, 2008

a letter

To: The middle child
From: The youngest child

Dear middle child,

This morning I tried not to cry into my coffee, although it was strong enough to be unaffected by a few extra drops, I was determined to be strong in front of the glow worm and her parents...To keep my mind from dwelling on the research you are doing, I painted the little nursery and was quite happy for the rest of the morning...although our favorite brother-in-law kept coming into the room and letting out all my perfectly scented air...sigh. I was sorely dismayed to have to share my air after I had gone through such lengths to be the only one breathing it...you running off to Oklahoma was a part of my original plan...along with taking my sweet time removing wall paper so you're departure day would arrive before you could paint. Do you see now how you've underestimated my sneakiness? But alas I forgot to remember that by sending you away you would in fact no longer be here...and so there lies the real kicker.

Anyway, after lunch the little glow worm was kind enough to let me read her an entire book to take my mind off what state I'm in again. Unfortunately the oldest child, insisted that the glow worm had to nap, so I picked up my poor little tattered emotions with a paint brush and opened another can to lift my spirits. I painted my way through the bathroom and my spirits were very much improved by the small space and admirable foresight I had in keeping the bathroom door closed...all day. Your sister, the oldest child, barged in a time or two...but she is...well you know, and so I excused her.

I know how you've spent your day so I wont bore myself by being redundant, although that is very much my style, but I don't feel like being stylish right now, and since we're on the subject, that shirt you were wearing when you left was hideous...and perfect, I applaud you!!! Bravo, we fear no wayside rests hey kid? I'm pleased your research is going better than planned, worms...who knew?

Tell our favorite Air Force cousin I miss him, and tell the favorite Air Force cousins wife that I'm bummed I'm missing out on her home cooking...but at least I have fond memories. Anyway, tell the other middle child that I really missed my giggle workout today, every time I talked to you on the phone I could clearly hear how much you two were exercising. Oh, tell that big dog in the back seat not to have such a long face...and then give her a gentle pat from me...I would tell you to kiss her but I wouldn't want to scare the dog...just kidding, I know how you are about the slobber.

I've kissed the one eyed mutt for you...then he ran to his corner, I do believe he's sulking, I choose to think that was inspired by the idea of you not being here rather than the fact that it was I who kissed him. Poor dog. The glow worm is crying because its bed time...and thither I go as well...honestly I don't miss you at all when I review that I have the entire bed to myself for the next um teen days...anyway have a wonderful night sleeping where ever it is you find to lay your head...as the song goes, "The ground is soft" or something like that...

Love your little sister, the youngest child

P.S. too bad about the happy place huh? maybe we should invest in the jaws of life...be good for your cousins now okay?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A tragic day,

A horrifying day, a greatly lamentable day…

this post has self-destructed itself.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Perhaps an explanation is in order...

John-Paul and Jeff are the favorite father’s boys, they come out of the sheetrock every once in a while to play…when neither the middle child or the youngest child can be found….it seems they have a very terrifying fear of the silly sister’s.





Oh, John-Paul and Jeff are also the names printed on the jackets we got a really good deal on.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The mudding woes

The favorite mother, upon observing her two girls up on the scaffold mudding her walls in shorts, laughed heartily as she said,
“Oh, girls, I thought you were the twins up there mudding when all I saw was your hairy legs…” and off she went giggling into another room.

John-Paul and Jeff looked at each other in some confusion, before shrugging and going on in their merry work.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Mark your calendar!!

We’ve adjusted our newsy calendar to include some new events that have come up…
April, the newsy staff will be in disguise as unfortunate souls and dedicate some Saturday’s to community service…after which they’ll find a couple over sized chairs to suffer in silence in….or relative silence. In May, the middle child and the youngest child will host their double engagement party at the sucker run. In June, the newsy staff will be doing field studies on the migrational habits of worms. In July, since it was already reserved for something of the sort, the middle child and the youngest child will have their double wedding in Hawaii, everyone is welcome to partake in their joy at the happy place. In August, after the mountains of gold expedition, the glow worm, the cricket and the praying mantis will attend their aunts ever growing bug collection party. John-Paul and Jeff have also agreed to sign autographs at the state fair.

And once again, to all our friends, happy April fools day from two very silly sister’s.