Tuesday, July 07, 2009


While out on a walk one day with the three year old little glow worm, the middle child and the youngest child kept picking daisies and plucking them dry; the petals falling like snow as fast as their nimble finger's could pluck.

The glow worm watched them and was inspired to pick her own daisies, but she became very concerned at the idea of pulling the petals off. She clutched her daisies tighter and admonished the silly sisters pluckings with her furrowed brow and narrowed eyes.

Finally, at the youngest childs frustrated sighings and grave exclamations of, "He loves me not!" the glow worm consoled her by stating, "That is okay youngest child, you don't need to pull the petals off."

The youngest child said in dejection, "I don't huh?"

"No!" the little glow worm chirped happily and she held up her fist full of perfectly un harmed daisies, "See! He loves me!"

Indeed, perhaps the silly sisters have been doing it wrong all these years...