Saturday, May 27, 2006


We're not suppose to be on the blog hee hee hee hee, we're suppose to be cleaning, hee hee hee ha ha ha ha ah what oh! oops................

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The company car,

What you might find in the newsy news company car:

Many pens and pencils buried among some useless items in the center council, one very classy pen leaking ink all over; melted red and blue color crayons. Two empty mountain dew cans; something sticky oozing out of the cup holder; a coffeehouse cup on the floor of the passenger’s side. Toilet paper in the glove compartment hidden among the McDonalds napkins the newsy staff has taken for writing material. A few scraps of paper containing rough drafts of past newsy news letters; receipts from McDonalds dollar meals, and the favorite mothers grocery lists. On the ceiling of the car there are hidden weapons…little pins (of all the places the newsy staff has been) stuck into the ceiling…for some strange reason the pins find it amusing to fall onto the seats at any inconvenient time. A deck of cards, gloves, lip gloss, matches, flashlight, and salt and pepper.

One box of "Newsy Tissues", sporting the traditional words "Bless You", and "May all your sneezes be boogerless". A road atlas for road trips; sand on the floor. In the back window the wings of Northwest Airlines sit beside an extra large centipede and a few natural bugs.

The trunk is filled with toys. There is a football and six orange cones to make a field. Two pouches of disc golf disc’s; one hundred and fifty Frisbees. One baseball, two mitts, a pool stick, tennis rackets (that have never been used), jumper cables (that have been used), towing rope, and engine oil.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

maybe it is spring...

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hey, we want to be a part of the bunny blog fame!...unfortunately, we already let these little runts go...they strangely resembled our old Buckwheat though...not to be coonfused with FooFoo.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

the #1 rule of fashion

"Fashion is what one wears one's self; unfashionable is what everyone else is wearing."

from the movie An Ideal Husband

Thursday, May 18, 2006

This weeks workout:

For our favorite singing cousin on her birthday (a.k.a. the other oldest child)

In honor of our favorite singing cousins birthday, we are going to take the rest of the day off and not do a workout at all today. That’s right, today’s workout is going to be: trying not to workout.

Do what ever it takes to avoid workingout on this very special day. Throw a party, crash a party, or stay in bed all day, just don’t do anything that could be considered a workout. We’ll be doing as little as possible, here at the happy place, in honor of our favorite singing cousin's birthday; we’re just going to sit back, stir up some lemonade and toast her good health and many happy returns until the very bottom of our glass is reached. And then tonight, we’ll sit back in our lazy girl chairs and recall all the good times when she’s come over to play with us.

Here’s to the late night chats, the long walks, and most of all, here’s to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers…

A very happy newsy birthday to you!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Today’s to do list:

Wash walls,
Eat morning snack,
Count minnows,
Eat mid morning snack
Wash walls,
Eat pre lunch snack
Drive the four wheeler around
Eat lunch,
Check blog
Eat a post lunch snack (or kellogs it don’t matter)
Test the kayaks
Eat mid afternoon snack,
Wash walls
Break for tea time
Check blog
Eat a pre supper snack,
Wash walls,
Eat supper,
Measure the grass and look the lawn mowers over
Have an evening snack,
Watch American Idol
Have a bedtime snack.
Go to bed.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

because nothing else comes to mind

We found this (or "these things") in one of our vaccum cleaner bags. The oldest child had reported an unusaul amount of mouse interest in the vaccum cleaner last night while the middle child and the youngest child were out gallivanting; the favorite one eyed mutt had heroically spent a considerable amount of time gaurding the vaccum cleaner before he was obliged to go to his own home. So naturally today the youngest child felt obligated to investigate the vaccum cleaner bag, that both she, and the middle child, had indeed used yesterday. There were eleven squeakers plus their horrible mother, who ran away and left them as soon as she was discovered.
And words just cannot express how our morning has gone from there.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

This weeks workout:

This workout is for our own benefit

Stopping the tears after last night’s tragic event on American Idol. We don’t know about you guys but we were all a little hurly-burly over Chris Daughtry being sent home. And since this is a house of mostly females, the general reaction on this melancholy event was dismay and hearty laments. Bringing the youngest child, who has a tender heart, closer to tears than she’s been in four years; while the middle child sniffed heartily and ran down stairs; and the oldest child proclaimed she would never vote again.

So our mission today for our workout is drying our eyes and stopping the rivers flowing out of them. To do this we will need a tremendous amount of will power and a truck load of Kleenex boxes, which by the way, we are expecting any day now thanks to a good friend of ours. We may also take the day off from…well whatever it is we usually do all day, to wallow in self-pity over the loss of our favorite American Idol this year. We just may have to watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers all day to help speed our recovery, it is after all a workout friendly movie. Or we may watch the new Pride and Prejudice just so we can complain about something other than American Idol for a change.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Just pretend we’re not here today,

that’s what we’re doing…

Monday, May 08, 2006

Newsy's Littlest Fan...

Well, we've burst some buttons off with pride here at the newsy news office. Can you blaime us though? We're on a onesy!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

for our 201 post


This post is lovingly dedicated to our long time camping companion who has past on.
May you rest in peace....and may we somehow find the courage to sleep in a tent in the middle of nowhere without you.

Friday, May 05, 2006

For our 200th post

In honor of our 200th post, we are going to give our fans a list of ways to tell if they are a hillbilly.

You might be a hillbilly if you can relate to any three of the following...

1. You live on a hill.
2. You actually know someone you can safely call "Billy".
3. You think cattails make a good story.
4. Your secret recipes call for iocaine powder.
5. When you wonder where your next meal is coming from its only because you haven't seen a squirrel in half an hour.
6. You have three daughters and two of them are like sons.
7. You knew the three S's before the three R's.
8. You don’t know that there are really only two R’s and one A.
9. You think you could be the next American Idol.
10. You think a sing along is when you go outside and harmonize with the coyotes.
11. You know someone who has seen a Sasquash.
12. You can't recall how old you are after running out of fingers and toes.
13. The thing that strikes you most in movies is when they’ve used new nails on old wood.
14. You can shoot the eye out of a shot gun shell at 20 yards, with hands as steady as a feather in the wind.
15. You’re the only one who responds to a fire and you’re not even on the department.
16. You joined the fire department just for the jacket, and now you're too lazy to quit.
17. When you’re called out on a fire you bring marshmallows and fun dogs in case it lasts thorough dinner.
18. Everyone else on the department is there for community service.
19. You’re self-employed but no one (including you) knows what you do.
20. There’s been a shortage of doors in your community because "them cops" keep bashing them in.
21. Your new closet is made out of your old porch.
22. Your new porch is bigger than your house.
23. You’ve added on to your storage shed but not your house.
24. When you help build your kids fort, it’s good enough for them to live in.
25. You cut the same board four times and it’s still too short; but use it anyway.
26. You know the difference between red neck and hillbilly.
27. You keep a dictionary by the toilet just in case you run out of paper.
28. You’ve decorated the walls of your outhouse.
29. You blame guests for the smell coming out of the outhouse.
30. You have more teeth than neighbors.
31. But you still don’t get it when someone says, "Teethbrush" instead of "toothbrush."’
32. The Red Green Show makes a lot of sense with usable logic.
33. When you hear someone's house has running water you think that means it was built on top of a spring.
34. You encourage your children to get lost in the woods.
35. You have a one-eyed mutt you can’t wait to call, "ol one eye".
36. You think its good sport to hide from your dog while on a walk.
37. Your dog has begun to hide on you when you take it for a walk.
38. Your five-year plan is still working just fine after 21 years.
39. All your clocks have a different time and none of them are right.
40. You use the sun but its wrong too.
41. You shower once a month whether you need to or not, and usually you don’t need to.
42. People come from all over every Sunday to see the renowned "changing of the flannel" day.

if you could relate to more than three call a doctor immediately.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

For our favorite Air Force Cousin!

We’ve been wracking our brains trying to come up with a better birthday present than we gave you Last year. So you should know exactly how difficult this is for us; when we wrack our brains they don’t even rattle. But we’ve come up with a question for you on your birthday,

Do you think mobile phones evolved from mobile homes?

Well that’s all our brains could come up with at this early hour...but hey, its some improvement that we could come with anything at all right?


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Monday, May 01, 2006

Hey! Its Mayday!

Happy Mayday to all our loyal fans! And we guess happy Mayday to those who are not so loyal. Isn’t it special that Mayday falls on Newsyday this year? We think that’s the best news we've had since the tire went flat on the blazer!