Monday, July 30, 2007

Where the songs take us

*these aren’t necessarily the titles to the songs, and yes most of them are country

It’s a long trip alone: especially through Indiana

My red high heels: Any and every state between Nevada and Minnesota.

Someday baby: Kentucky anyone?

What I’m doing these days: must be a southern Indiana thing

Shot through the heart: and straight to Blake

Its just another manic Monday: in the walls of our sheet rock…

Tear drops on my guitar: 10pm "out at the wood pile"

It was a different time, when we were boys and girls: every time we come home from the dump, sob

If your going through hell, keep on going: the little flying J store at the Illinois-Wisconsin border.

I’m gonna sit right here and have another beer in Mexico: that’s right, Texas

They say we’re crazy, what do they know: The top floor keeps telling the basement that.

This love has taken lift off: some where between Texas and Kentucky

Best times we’ll never remember: we don’t really recall.

Summer Time: Pennsylvania in January and February

My shadows the only one that walks beside me: going to the movies

Fly away, over the mountains, over the mountains: Eau Claire Wisconsin in the middle of the night.

and we've traveled far today

Friday, July 20, 2007

the return of the hero

No, this post isn't about the heroic one eyed wonder...its about his master, the favorite brother-in-law, who arrived on a great black bus somewhere in the twin cities last Newsyday at noon.

If we had the eliquence, we would tell everyone how his darling wife was there to run into his arms the moment he set eyes on her. We would tell everyone how, with him wearing his nice crisp uniform, and her wearing an eligant yellow dress they looked so much like a fifities war movie that the local news camera crew couldn't stop taking footage of their...ah, church kiss. We would tell everyone how his child looked on in wide eyed wonder over a stranger stealing kisses from her mother. We would tell everyone how his perfect little glow worm took to him right away and began telling him tall tales about the one eyed mutts wild adventures, which went something like, "Deeciee! NO! NO! No! No! No!...eeeh eee eee eee."

If we could, we would have just posted the picture of their reunion....but thats not possible at this time. Later perhaps...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The frieght train

Those aren't butterfly wings.

We lost some facea to the tornado.

And that one tree, by that one cabin, at that one corner.
Oh, and that other tree by that other cabin near that one bay. Oh, and a few trees on the point

Frankly, we didn't realize it was a tornado until little glow worms enertube went sailing by both of the bay windows.
Luckily, neither of the sheetrockers were sucked out the windows, though they claim it was rather percarious by the windows on the third floor.