Monday, September 29, 2008

The handsome ransom

This breaking news is fresh off the press:
The awsomely handsome one eyed mutt is being held for ransom by the crazy sisters!
According to our source (whom we deem somewhat reliable for a one eyed mutt), he was not dognaped, nor has he gone missing. But somehow, in the last week he has arrived in the clutches of the crazy sisters who now refuse to release him without certain demands being met.

According to our source, his conditon is horrifing.
He is at their complete mercy…they drag him on long walks where he is not allowed to chase birds, but he himself gets chased frequently by the crazy sisters who insist there's a button to push on his tail...


....they connive him into precarious kayaks, where he is forced to sit still or reap the consequences....he gets nothing to eat but scrapes and mac and cheese....


He's forced to play out side amidst unimagineable horrors, while the wolves frolic in the field. AND HE HAS TO SLEEP WITH OUT HIS PILLOW!!!!

These perhaps would not be so bad alone, but to top it all off, the crazy sisters can't seem to refrain from making him play dress up with them



and this humiliating abuse will go on until the handsome ransom is paid in full.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Professional stripper: Canceled

Thats right, the middle child no longer wants to be a professional stripper when she grows up and gets a real job. Aparently, she wasn't having a whole lot of fun stripping the paint off the windows one day last week...and she announced her decision over lunch to the entire family.

If our memories serve us right, her exact words were: "I don't like stripping."

And the youngest child quite naturally took it a step farther and crossed "Professional Stripper" off the resumee.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy quarter of a century youngest child

Happy Birthday youngest child!

Happy Birthday youngest child!

Happy Birthday youngest child!

Happy Birthday youngest child!

Have a great day!

Love your favorite family

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The favorite brother’s brothers,

On their way home from Idaho, the silly sisters crashed at the favorite Brainerd grandparents house for a much needed rest. While they were there the favorite brother stopped by for a progress report on his building plans. The favorite Brainerd grandpa wondered how the favorite brother would get his house built before winter set in.

The favorite brother responded to such concern with great confidence and complete sincerity, “Oh, my brothers are going to help me.”

Monday, September 08, 2008

the long recovery

This was not at the state fair.


This was down in the Valley of Texas a few days before Easter. But it's memories like this that prolong our recovery.

And we fear we are still unfit for our friends.