Thursday, November 22, 2007

our top four things we're Thankful for

The first two are a tie...

actually, there is no order at all to any of them



1. Little glow worm...


2. Little Cricket

3. Snow, even when it ruins perfectly good ice.

4. And as always, we are very Thankful we're not turkeys...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

1 year ago today

Our house arrived in little pieces...okay not little, but in pieces. It took all day to unload the semi trailer and count the pieces. There are four pieces in this picture, each piece has a number(1, 2, 3, 4). And unlike reading, they go up from right to left, or at least it did for us, it all depends on which side of the wall you work from, we chose the inside so everything would go completly backwards for us.


This is our house the next afternoon (which will be one year ago tomorrow). We had to stop at some detours our delightful designer planned for us...or rather, didn't plan at all about.

And so, as we sat around today on our 1 year aniversity, in our warm basement, we thought we’d see how far we’ve come...



The tailer trash have moved up in the world and now live in a nice little tar paper shack. Although we're inclined to believe this picture doesn't do our mothers shack justice, we leave it up to our friends to find out for themselves. Our doors are always open (while we're home at least), and on a good day its 66 degrees upstairs.

And to our friends who already know...the grins and giggles are on the house.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Past farewell, farewell, oh well.

Thats right. We're already gone. There is no possible way we have time to put up another post after we've already gone. So don't expect it, we're already gone and there is no need to check this blog right now. Nothing has changed, and nothing is going to change, your stuck with that last uninspiring post...which, if we do say so ourselves, is much better than the other uninspired posts that did not get posted. That would probably reasure both of our readers if we had had the time to post before we left. But as we've so eliquently said before in this unwritten blog, we're already gone, the dust has already settled, the coffee is cold in the cups. But don't worry your poor little heart out, you'll be able to find us where ever we are. We're making a trail south east where the silly sister's will have to go there separate ways, one shall remain at the derby (to see who "also ran..."), the other will treck onward to wide open spaces.

Until then, this is the newsy staff, already gone