Friday, March 24, 2006

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

deep thoughts

By Blueberry,

The sun rose up near dawn, above a white billowy cloud; and the windy wind began to blow. Blowing, blowing the dancing palm branches on the palm trees.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The story…

We are going to attempt writing another story…one sentence at a time, and after reading some really great stories we’ve compiled a list of all the things that should be in our story for it to be really grand.

A far off place, (Canada?)

A Prince…or a man named Mr. Darcy,

A woman in distress, who may or may not know it, yet capable of getting out but just to clumsy to do it.

A one eyed mutt to complicate matters,

An evil twin/step-mother/bad guy,

A couple of extra characters, perhaps two silly sister’s?

A mountain to climb,

Rivers infested with crocodiles and blood suckers,

A few sentences dedicated to extreme silliness; it is not necessary for these sentences to pertain to any part of the rest of the story. (this particle item wasn’t on the list of things other great stories had, we added this element so that our story can be truly grand!)

One awkward moment, naturally occurring when the clumsy woman in distress throws a bucket of water on the Prince because he’s so cocky; and she doesn’t know he has every right to be cocky because he is, after all, a Prince.

A conflict, be creative. Please be realistic and don’t try to force a conflict between the silly sister’s.

A climax,


A Duel…but try to remember we’re writing a child friendly story here. No bloody description of how the blade sliced neatly through the throat of the bad guy, or how when he grabbed his neck, the blood squirted through his fingers…nope, we don’t need any of those kinds of descriptions in our story…thanks.

A big black steed named "Tornado"

Or a white one named "Lightning"

A moment of great sensitivity….perhaps followed by one of those silly moments we recommended earlier.

Comedy, an extra character should step on a banana peal or something

Drama, at least one character should burst into uncontrollable, and insensible, tears every few sentences.

Alright, looking good! Get to it now! And once again, write only one sentence at a time and try not to comment twice in a row, at least comment as anonymous or Simon in between…but be good sports and let others play too. Have fun…