Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The greatest discovery of our time

And no, nothing better (that words can express) has come of our time than this.

We once said, "when inspiration hits, it always leaves a mark". Well, we’ve discovered something since then. Inspiration isn’t the only thing that leaves a mark, and the marks don’t always bring inspiration with it.

Like hammers for instance, they leave some very attractive and highly painful marks, but lack the benefit of inspiration.

Tractors also leave highly painful and enviable welts, but the inspiration acquired resembles the stupidity that rendered the welted unconscious.

Cement leaves a mark (it’s a knuckle buster business), and filled with so many grunts and groans as leaves room for little else to inspire.

Staplers are perhaps the most painful and leave the least rewarding mark…just a few weeks ago the favorite father discovered he should not hold an item in need of stapling when a child, that may be a little upset with him, is whacking away with a stapler. We laugh about it now, but that particular hit was so uninspiring it didn’t even make it into the letter, in-spite of the mark it left.

Scaffolds leave a mark (on shins of all things just by climbing up), and the climbing claims so much attention, there isn’t even time to greet each and every bruise as it appears.

All these things have left their marks, but it is unfortunate and perhaps natural, that all the joy is taken out of any inspiration we may have felt on the occasion. Perhaps the real reason we feel no inspiration is because usually all intelligent inspiration gets rattled right out of our brains in the process of it leaving its mark.

Until it hits again,


The newsy news letter staff

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Why the phone rang and rang

While the favorite parents were off gallivanting
and supposidly buying this questionable looking fish house
The silly sister's were building this nice little cement slab to put it on
Yeah right!
How is anyone supposed to know,
without witnesses,
that two very silly sister's mixed and poured a 4 by 8 cement slab?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

these things just happen

"Stop talking to me, I’m reading!"" the middle child exclaimed in annoyance at the chattering youngest child.
The youngest child looked at the middle child in wide eyed bewilderment,
"I wasn’t talking to you."
And at the middle child’s raised eyebrows, and quick glance around a very empty booth that the youngest child was supposedly watching, the youngest child continued with an air of offended disgust,
"I was talking to myself, how dare you listen in on my private conversation!"

And the silly sister’s laughed heartily.

Monday, October 01, 2007

here's to the little children of our lives

We have yet to give a newsy name to the newest newsy fan.

Clearly he's a little concerend about it. In this picture, he had just learned that "Squeaky" was a name in the running.
Also another sneaky picture of the inside of the, nothing has change lately. Except for the baby of course...oh, and the silly sister's arent't standing there anymore either.

and this ones for little glow.

The silly sisters were playing dress up with the little glow worm here.
She's going to be in a wedding this fall and had developed a bad case of anti-dressiness. The silly sister's helped the oldest child in the only way they knew how; by dressing in their own scratchy dresses and flouncing around all high and mighty. This of course made little glow quite eager to join them and she proudly put on her own little dress and flounced about with every bit of vanity that the silly sister's had displayed. We're all very proud of her.